What’s Cool about LNG? Everything!

This is an LNG properties demonstration of the basic characteristics. A sampling of short video vignettes demonstrating the physical properties of LNG including what happens when LNG is ignited, spilled onto water, spilled onto land, etc. The idea was developed…


Tidal Power

Tidal power converts the energy from the natural rise and fall of the tides into electricity. Learn more about Tidal Power and all types of energy at


Cavitation – Easily explained!

The term “cavitation” already heard, but no idea what could it be? How cavitation forms and which consequences are to expect? This E-Learning video answers these questions in a understandable form! Have fun! chapters: 00:22 – What is cavitation? 00:39…


Hafenlogistik Hamburg

Wie kommt der Fernseher aus Asien ins Regal nach Flensburg? Meist über diesen einen Ort: den Hamburger Hafen. Deutschlands größter Seehafen verteilt Waren aus aller Welt.